School Year’s Resolutions Part 2: Charity and Business

school booksIn my therapy practice here in California I work with a lot of mothers. That’s not all the work I do, but it is a lot of the work I do. I love working with mothers. I am passionate about it. I truly believe that helping mothers find balance, satisfaction and (dare I say it?) happiness not only improves their personal well-being, but it positively impacts their families. It greatly improves the likelihood that their children will lead happy, productive, successful lives. These are the future doctors, scientists, politicians, innovators and leaders of the world. I want them to be happy, well-adjusted people. Therefore, in the bigger picture, to help mothers achieve their potential is to make an impact on the future of the world (I know, it sounds a little dramatic).

I am only one person with limited reach, but I want to reach as far as I can. That is why I am branching out into the on-line world (School Year’s Resolution Number 1). I can not practice therapy outside of California, but I can offer my help, support, experience and passion in other ways. If you’d like more information about my on-line group click here. But even the virtual world is limited in its reach.

I am further extending my support of mothers by using my work to support a charity that also works with mothers (School Year’s Resolution Number 2). I am very fortunate in my life to have a strong support network. I have family and friends who I can count on; who will catch me if I fall; who have an unlimited supply of love and positivity to buoy me up; who would literally feed me and clothe me and provide shelter for me. I am lucky. I am grateful. And I acknowledge that others do not have it so good. I want to help those mothers too. And I want to help their children.

So I have chosen to donate $10 of every registration fee of my G.o. B.i.g. Group to a charity called “Bridge of Hope.” I do not have any personal experience with this organization nor do I know anyone who has experience with this organization. I found it when searching on-line for charities that support mothers. Based on what I know about the process of making lasting change and how this organization operates I’ve chosen it as having a likelihood of success. These were the three primary reasons that this organization stood out to me:

  1. It helps single mothers facing homelessness. As I stated before, I think mothers are a powerful resource in the world who are shaping our future through the raising of their children. I want to help mothers be the best people they can be.
  2. Building personal relationships is fundamental to how this organization operates. One woman and her family is matched with a group of 8 – 10 mentors who will form supportive relationships and friendships with her and her children. This is so important! Making lasting change in your life requires support. Love (and kindness) really does matter.
  3. This organization commits to helping a woman over an extended period of time. They help her gain financial stability through employment and budgeting and the teaching of other fundamental skills. They will provide rental assistance on a decreasing basis for 9 – 15 months. The mentoring group commits to 12 – 24 months of ongoing emotional support. It takes time to get on your feet and this organization seems to understand that.

So, I’m thrilled that September is not even finished and I’ve already moved into action on two of my goals for the year! Thanks for nudging me with your requests and questions. It has moved me in the right direction. So what are you trying to accomplish? Can I help? I truly want you to be happy and to raise happy children. The future of the world depends on it!

First Published 2013


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